A private + indestructible journal, built on the block chain.

Who Is BlockDiary for?

BlockDiary turns emails into private, unchangeable and indestructable records.
BlockDiary is for journalists, scientists and whistleblowers, who must be able to prove that they knew a piece of information before it was publicly available. It's for individuals and publications that want to establish a historical record immune to revisionist history and censorship by hostile governments or corporations.
BlockDiary is for all of us.

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How can I start a diary?

It's as easy as sending an email.
BlockDiary receives your entry and initiates a set of Bitcoin transactions via, which will enable you to time-stamp an idea without sending it to anyone. Soon, you'll be able to run your own version off our open-source protocol.

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How do i share my journal?

It's as easy as sending a link.
You'll receive a confirmation email with a private link to view the full journal entry and its time stamp. The subject of your past entries will be visible from each page. This prevents people from abusing the system by making zillions of "records" and only revealing the select few that turned out to be correct.

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